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ESR Technology are delighted to join the Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group (AREG)

Energy Transition is naturally leading to the development of a range of new technologies and applications within the energy sector, including: transport and use of hydrogen; carbon capture usage and storage; increasing use of biofuels; wind and wave power generation; fuel cells and advanced battery technologies. These newer technologies and approaches can present significant opportunities but also present potential safety, environmental and reputational risks which need to be identified, understood and managed.AREG

ESR Technology are increasingly carrying out risk management studies relevant to emerging technologies, leveraging our tried and tested techniques, including:

- Process Hazard Analysis and Quantified risk assessments for CO2 sequestration projects
- Consequence assessments for hydrogen releases
- CFD analysis for offshore wind substations
- Safety Reports and Safety Cases
- Risk assessments for biofuel facilities
- Safety assessments for battery systems
- Waste to power plant assessments

In order to build on our support to date, ESR Technology are delighted to join the Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group (AREG) and look forward to engaging with this rapidly expanding industry organisation over the coming years.

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