Risk management support for high street bank

A well-known high street bank initiated an environmental upgrade of two data centres as part of an overall programme to rationalise and improve the resilience of the national data centre network. Within the overall programme, selected data centres were to be decommissioned and computer hardware migrated, making the destination sites even more critical to the business.

Work at the principal site included the replacement and/or upgrading of the existing uninterruptible power supply and power distribution units within its data hall. Additional cooling capacity was also provided to accommodate increased power loadings. Work at the second site included the replacement of the under floor power distribution system and improvements to the existing cooling system to improve resilience.
ESR Technology was commissioned to provide risk management support to ensure that the risks of any works conducted were fully understood and controlled so that both data centres could remain operational during the upgrade. Generic project risks, such as failure to meet cost and time constraints were considered, with ESR Technology’s primary role being to focus on those risks which could impact on the operational performance of the two data centres with the potential cost implications being significant.

ESR Technology focused on the risks to the operational data centres, whilst maintaining an overview of generic project risks, The client was made aware of any significant risks allowing them to make better, informed decisions.
  • Identified interface issues between the project and the operational data centre
  • Identified events that could cause loss of output
  • Provided a risk mitigation strategy to ensure that loss of output was either prevented or, if failures did occur, the output was restored with minimal delay
  • Maintained a high-level view of the normal project risks and mitigation strategies
  • Provided an independent risk assessment of contractors’ method statements
  • Ensured the necessary focus was maintained within individual work streams to minimise risks to the operational data centres

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