Risk assessments for major utilities company

ESR Technology was commissioned by a major Electricity Utility company to provide a risk assessment model for 11kV Substations with oil filled circuit breakers.

The client was concerned that a number of Substations with a make and/or break duty of  100% was increasing.  This was due to additional loading and generation from third parties into the 11kV distribution system.  A model was required that could be used by the client to help prioritise the Substations in terms of overall risk and feed into the asset management programme.

The approach involved close collaboration with the client to provide a workable solution that involved:

• ESR Technology’s facilitation of a workshop to identify major substation risk issues
• Production of a  risk assessment of substation causing most concern
• Production of a generic model based on the risk assessment
• Testing the model against further “live” examples
• Production of a “user guide” for the model
• Providing support in training client personnel in the use of the model

• Important input into the Asset Management Planning and decision making process
• Guidance on access arrangements for maintenance and operational personnel
• Assessment of risk to public/third parties where this was a potential issue
• A simple, transparent, risk model was developed that could be easily understood by client personnel
• The risk model could be adapted easily for other types of substation

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