High Frequency Vertical Fatigue Rig with Heated Chambe

​Working closely with customers to deliver valuable results in a timely manner, our innovative test rig solutions incorporate cutting edge modern control and instrumentation along with expert data representation.

The pictured Vertical Fatigue Rig was designed to test the durability of an enclosed sealing ring whilst operating in a 500°C climate. The rig boasts instrumentation to be load or displacement controlled with a capability of up to 5KN being applied to the hydraulic actuator.

The Rig is controlled and Data logged by the latest DasyLab software, ensuring safe and accurate high frequency monitoring of the test assembly.

Load capacity: Circa 5,000N

Temperature range: Ambient up to 700°C

Frequency: Up to Circa 100Hz ±1mm stroke

Control: Displacement and/or Load

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