HOIS work presented at World Conference for non destructive testing


The World Conference for non destructive testing (WCNDT) is a prestigious event held every four years. It is the premier global NDT conference. In 2008 the venue was Shanghai and this year, WCNDT 2012 has just taken place in Durban, South Africa. The HOIS joint industry project for improved NDT in the oil and gas industry was established as long ago as 1983, and is managed by ESR Technology. The work of HOIS had never been presented previously at a WCNDT, and a year or so ago its project manager Dr Steve Burch considered that it was high time this was rectified. He then set out to gain the necessary support from the HOIS members to allow his attendance.

WCNDT 2012 was held in the very impressive Durban International Conference Centre, whose previous speakers have included Nelson Mandela, Fidel Castro and many others. Some 1500 delegates attended, and Steve Burch gave two well received papers on recent HOIS projects concerning in-service inspection of preferential weld corrosion and computed radiography for in-service inspection of pipes. He also attended and presented at a joint ISO CEN Standards meeting, at which there were several delegates from Japan as well as Europe. There was also an impressive trade exhibition in a huge hall, and a memorable African themed gala dinner with a live show. The Nobel prize winner, Professor Harry Kroto of C60 (Buckyball) fame was a celebrity guest, and gave an inspirational speech one evening, although totally unconnected with NDT!

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