ESR Technology Improves its Hydraulic Testing Capabilities


NCT has added a Test Sequencer module to its TIAB Digital Hydraulic Controller (DHC). This enables complex repeatable test sequences to be created and run on existing or purpose build test rigs (e.g. ‘rainflow’ testing). Its first use is on a custom built rig (photo top) to measure static and dynamic friction as a function of the angular position of friction plates. The latter are enclosed in a sealed hydraulic fluid reservoir with axial loads of up to 4.4KN applied to them.

The hydraulically driven crank is used to precisely actuate the friction plates under load, with friction data measured via a piezo-electric torque cell (see typical plot right). Test step sequencing allows extensive frictional data logging in a very controlled and repeatable manner for the representative loading imposed. Characterisation of this behaviour over many cycles of operation is of paramount importance for these friction plates as they are to be used in a safety-critical systems.

For more info, email Hugues Renondeau.

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