FESI One Day Seminar: Advances in Rolling Bearing Fatigue – 23rd September 2014


​FESI have organised a one day seminar on advances in the understanding of rolling bearing fatigue. The seminar will consider some recent developments that are relevant to industrial bearings both large and small where long lifetimes are demanded.

Following on from the first seminar on “Developments in Rolling Bearing Fatigue” in November 2011, FESI are pleased to announce a second seminar on 23 September 2014 entitled “Advances in Rolling Bearing and Fatigue”, co-sponsored by the National Centre of Tribology.

The first seminar highlighted topics for future discussion, including fatigue models to deal with large bearings operating into the gigacycles, the limitations of current standards for steel cleanliness assessment and residual stress. Furthermore, there is current interest in life assessment methods for large bearings manufactured with surface hardened steels.

A programme has therefore been prepared for the second seminar covering the following topics:

  • Steel cleanliness assessment techniques and their limitations
  • Risk-based cleanliness assessment using the Generalised Pareto Distribution

  • The metallurgy of induction and case-hardened steels

  • The effect of compressive stress upon fatigue

  • Residual stresses in rolling bearings

  • Fracture mechanics methods for rolling bearing fatigue

The seminar format is informal to encourage lively discussion and debate. A key objective is to give direction for future research and thinking. Attendees are welcome to make short presentations during the Open Forum if they so wish.
The seminar will be of interest to engineers, technology suppliers and academia working in the fields of rolling element bearings used in aerospace, automotive, marine systems, wind turbines, water turbines and other industrial machinery. The presentations will be given by practising engineers and academics experienced in this field. For more information, visit www.fesi.org.uk.

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