ESR Technology and KISA sign MOU to Advance Major Hazards Risk Engineering in Korea

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ESR Technology and the Korea Industrial Safety Association (KISA) are teaming up to advance the knowledge and use of QRA and risk engineering services in the Republic of Korea.

On 7th of November 2017, ESR Technology and KISA signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) aimed at strengthening and enhancing industrial safety in Korea. The signing ceremony was attended by representatives of the two organizations including Young-Kee Kim, Chairman and CEO of KISA, Won K. Kim, Principal Consultant KISA, Raghbir Chand, Managing Director of ESR Technology, Neil Ketchell, Technical Director ESR Technology and Andrew Lawson Principal Consultant ESR Technology.

The collaboration aims to further develop risk engineering in Korea through cooperation between KISA, the most comprehensive safety consulting agency in Korea and ESR Technology, one of the world’s leading safety and risk management consultancies. ESR Technology will combine its world-renowned expertise in safety and risk management, developed over 40 years, with KISA to provide a comprehensive total safety and risk management system for Korea. Established in 1964, KISA is devoted to the improvement of workers’ safety and has extended its role as the industrial environment has changed over the past 53 years. 

Raghbir Chand, ESR Technology’s Managing Director commented; “By working together, ESR Technology and KISA can provide a world class service in Safety Management and Risk Engineering.  With the aim of  ‘ensuring safety is first’, together we will create awareness and consultancy services to assess major hazards on new designs and existing assets to reduce risk and protect people working in hazardous industrial environments. We are pleased and humbled to be selected as a partner by KISA to meet their overriding objective of a safer future for Korean Industry.”

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