The importance of training for ESR Technology

Whilst ESR Technology itself provides a range of specialist training courses, we use expert external organisations to train our staff to ensure that we expand our knowledge base and develop our future consultants and engineers.

Greg Kelly from the National Centre of Tribology (NCT) attended the IMechE’s 27th Mission of Tribology Research at their headquarters in London.

This event is aimed at UK research and industrial groups concerned with improving the understanding of friction, wear, and lubrication, all of which are specialist areas for the NCT team. The emphasis is on the contribution of the next generation of researchers with new and innovative targets and methods being just as important as their results.

There were many fascinating lectures given throughout the day, with a few of particular interest being:

  • Design of a new type of bearing that consists of a sandwich of concentric rings of water on an alternating hydrophobic and hydrophilic surface.
  • Utilisation of an ultra-high-speed, high resolution camera to capture the effects of water drop impingement on a jet engine turbine.
  • Further study into utilising triboelectric nanogenerators to provide an alternative sustainable energy source that can be creatively charged e.g. through footfall.

The NCT offers independent and confidential consultancy, mechanical design and development, bespoke machinery testing, metallurgical, forensic engineering and expert witness capabilities, and since its conception has been at the forefront of tribology knowledge and events such as this show the breadth of research and far reaching applications that are being made in this formerly niche science.

For more information about ESR Technology, our NCT business or our own training courses, please contact us.

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