ESR recruits bright stars for the future!

Whilst there is some uncertainty around the nation at the moment, (don’t mention the ‘B’ word!) ESR Technology has in just one month employed seven bright young people into our growing and progressive company. This is the equivalent of 10% of our average workforce in 2018. We are even recruiting more people, so watch this space for news!

So, we are very pleased to welcome Rachel, Matthew, Dominic, Chris, Caroline, Jasmine and Mark to ESR Technology. These highly qualified and experienced young scientists and engineers will play an important part in our future, as we continue to develop and grow to help our customers resolve their often complex and important technical issues.

Our new recruits will work across all of the major disciplines and specialities of our business, which include space and vacuum tribology, safety and risk management, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and industrial tribology and materials engineering.

ESR Technology is looking towards a bigger and better future, in which we will work together with industry and our clients to provide better solutions, technology and processes.

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