ESTL wins ESA technology transfer contract with Swiss watchmaker Richemont


Within a mechanical system, good tribology and effective lubrication is essential to minimise adhesion, friction, and wear of the contacting surfaces in order to achieve long, consistent and repeatable mechanical performance. This applies to precision mechanical watch elements too.

ESTL has just won a contract under a programme of, and funded by, the European Space Agency, to work with Swiss watchmaker Richemont. Specifically, ESTL will look to transfer its space tribology know-how and technology to optimise the lubrication of Richemont’s precision watch balance wheel. This wheel regulates the movement of time by means of a spring spiral.

This exciting eight-month activity is just about to start. The objective of the study is to prove the concept that space technology can be transferred to an on-ground application, by meeting the main functional and technical requirements of the receiver’s product.

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