ESR Technology's Graduates Present at the European Space Agency



We are always proud to present summaries of the important tribology-related projects that we do at the well-attended Final Presentations Days (FPD). This prestigious event is organised annually by the European Space Agency (ESA), and is held at ESA’s research and technology centre in Noordwijk in the Netherlands.

This year however, our pride was even greater, because two of our six presenters were made by our graduates. Dominic and Rachel work in ESR Technology’s space tribology group ESTL, and from the ESA podium they presented the results of two of ESTL’s studies to the assembled audience at the influential FPD event.

Dominic presented the results of our work on the anomalous torque behaviour of grease lubricated bearings at low speed, and Rachel summarised the plans, findings and conclusions of our life testing of solid and fluid lubricated spur gears. Both gave excellent presentations, which were well received by the 140 attendees from both ESA and the many European space organisations and industries who were present.

Well done to all involved, but to Dominic and Rachel in particular. We are very proud of you! 


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