New Software Solutions Page Launched

Here, at ESR Technology, we take great pride in our long history of developing software which can better predict major accident hazards, driving improvements in process safety.  That’s why we are pleased to announce an update to our website highlighting our software solutions.  This includes details of our DRIFT (Gas Dispersion) and GASP (Pool Vaporisation) software which are available to purchase under license.

DRIFT and GASP allow users to model the hazardous effects of accidental releases of hydrocarbons or other hazardous chemicals.  Both models were developed by ESR Technology for the UK Health and Safety Executive and have undergone extensive validation, including predictions using DRIFT against the Jack Rabbit II Chlorine field tests (pictured below).


Jack Rabit II 1100px

DRIFT and GASP provide a fast, reliable and validated way of predicting consequences effects.  With a comprehensive user interface and highly customisable input and output options (including fluids, consequence levels, result tables and graphs), users can model “non-standard” major accident scenarios with confidence.

DRIFT’s capabilities include:

  • Dense Gas Dispersion
  • Buoyant lift-off and rise
  • Momentum jets (including crosswind effects)
  • Instantaneous (Catastrophic) Releases
  • Low Momentum Area Sources (e.g. vaporising pool surfaces)
  • Continuous (steady state), finite duration and time-varying releases
  • Thermodynamics of multi-component mixtures
  • Complex behaviour of Hydrogen Fluoride dispersion

GASP’s capabilities include:

  • A unified model for wind driven vaporisation (evaporation) and boiling
  • Pool spreading over smooth land, rough land and deep water
  • Pool constraints (e.g. bunds)
  • Effects of different ambient conditions such as air temperature, wind speed, humidity and solar flux
  • Two-dimensional time-dependent heat conduction from the ground and convection from the atmosphere

For more information on how DRIFT or GASP can help you better understand potential major accident hazards, please visit our Software Solutions page or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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