ESR Technology Participating at SmallSat 2021 (Utah, USA) from Aug 7-12, 2021

ESR Technology is proud to be sponsoring the Technical Session at SmallSat 2021, covering the Year in Review for Research & Academia, which will be held at 10am local time in Utah, on Wed. August 11th (5pm UK – BST). We look forward to connecting with like-minded individuals, who are looking to develop more optimal mechanisms and thermal solutions for cubesats, and to offer our experience from decades of work to develop low-cost solutions that are highly reliable. It is important to highlight our experience to many NewSpace developers who may not be aware of our history and capabilities, being based in the UK.


In particular, ESR are looking to highlight the opportunity to partner to adapt a thermal shutter mechanism for smallsat and cubesat applications, and will be debuting a new promotional video highlighting this mechanism.The original design is targeted for cubesats, but it is readily scalable for other applications and very attractive in terms of simple interfaces and being slim in terms of volume required. ESR completed the acquisition of the cubesat thermal shutter mechanism from Spacemech Limited in 2020. 


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