Vibration Monitoring & On-Site Instrumentation

ESR Technology's National Centre of Tribology (NCT) has considerable experience in the use of electronic instrumentation for on-site and remote measurement of both static and dynamic structures, from pumping stations to railway stations.

It is often necessary to obtain data wirelessly, via Bluetooth or to acquire data over a mobile network. Measurement capabilities in this way include temperature, pressure, fluid flow rate, humidity, rotational speed, vehicle speed, vibration and strain, up to 200 channels at acquisition rates of over 2KHz is not uncommon.

We understand the problems associated with data acquisition in remote and/or inaccessible locations. We solve difficult problems and provide solutions for clients in many different industries using modern acquisition and logging equipment.


We have experience in the following industries:

RAIL:  We carry out frequent work within the rail industry and understand the safety protocols required for both permanent and temporary monitoring systems. Testing can be carried out in the depot, in a test cell or on a moving vehicle, depending on the requirements of the test.

AEROSPACE:  We also work within the aerospace industry carrying out work to prevent failure of vital components i.e. strain gauging of landing gear components to measure impact force in order to carry out fatigue assessments.

CIVIL:  Some examples of structural issues that have been investigated include; vibration monitoring of pump resonances, fatigue assessments of pulsating bellows within a power plant and structural surveys to determine the source of vibration affecting factory walkways.

MARINE:  Costly downtime can be prevented by providing continuous condition monitoring in the form of oil magnetic particle analysis, vibration monitoring and acoustic monitoring to aid early detection of bearing failures. One application where this has been used is on podded propulsion systems for cruise liners.

OIL and GAS:  Modern techniques, such as ultrasonic fluid flow measurement is a non-invasive method for monitoring process fluid flow behaviour in live pipelines that cannot be disturbed.

Vibration Monitoring Trace




Gaining a better understanding of operational performance and mechanical failure. 

  • Laboratory and on-site capabilities

  • Full instrumentation package
    • Pressure
    • Temperature
    • Vibration / noise
    • Fluid Flow
    • Displacement
    • Rotational speed
    • Strain

  • Up to 120 channels of data
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Ultrasonic bolt stretch
  • Rail vehicle testing
  • Mobile / Remote power / UPS

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