Optical Microscopy

The National Centre of Tribology (NCT) provides practical materials engineering support to designers and manufacturers of plant and machinery. Our aim is to help improve product quality and plant availability to help our clients save money.

Our service, which covers materials examination, selection and failure investigation, is used by a broad range of clients across many industries to prevent and overcome materials based problems. 

We have a wide range of microscopes for examining materials from low power stereo microscopes to high quality research grade microscopes. Each is equipped with high-resolution digital imaging equipment to allow high quality reporting and digital archiving.

The Buehler Enterprise software also allows detailed, calibrated, measurement which allows grain size analysis, coating thickness, inclusion analysis and metrology (fillet, radius, chamfer conformity etc.).

When it comes to specimen preparation and optical microscopy, our experience and interpretation give us the edge over our competitors.

Our optical microscopes are ideally suited for examining:

  • Metallurgically prepared samples
  • Failure analysis and materials selection
  • Grain size analysis
  • Microstructural identification
  • EVA analyses
  • Quality control of finished components
Optical Microscopy Microscope


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