Test Equipment Available at NCT

The NCT labs are equipped with a collection of materials testing rigs to address our customers needs with a quick turnaround. The rigs are used to test material combinations for unique engineering applications, helping designers to predict performance. A wide range of normal and hostile environments can be provided for tests including extreme temperatures, corrosive environments, gas environments and abrasive slurries.

A comprehensive summary of our available equipment is provided below:

  • Wear and Friction Test Rigs
    • Long stroke reciprocating rig
    • Reciprocating pin-on-plate Plint TE77 HFRR (ASTM G133) 
    • Reciprocating pin-on-plate Hydraulically powered HFRR
    • Thrust bearing rigs: (x2) (ASTM D3702) 
    • Denison pin-on-disc rig: (ASTM G99)
    • CSEM pin-on-disc rig: (ASTM G99) 
    • Disk-on-disk: Plint TE53 rig: NCT design (x2) 
    • Powerjack test rig
    • Ring-on-ring galling test rig: (ASTM G196) 
    • Impact/slide fretting test rig
  • Lubricating Test Rigs
    • Falex pin-in-jaw (ASTM D2670, D3232 & D2625)
    • Plint TE82 4-ball (IP 239 & 300, ASTM D 2596, D4172 & D2266)
    • Reciprocating pin-on-plate Plint TE77 HFRR rig (ASTM G133) 
Test Rig Reciprocating Rig
  • Abrasion, Adhesion and Corrosion Test Rigs
    • Rotating wheel abrasive tester (Rubber-ASTM G65 & G105, Steel- ASTM B611)
    • 3-body abrasion tests
    • Taber Abrader (All ASTM Tests inc. C501, D1044 & D4060 etc)
    • Fesko Positest Pull-Off Adhesion Tester (ASTM D4541/D7234, ISO4624/16276-1)
  • Metrology and Material Properties Equipment
    • Co-ordinate Measuring machine (CMM) (link to PDF info sheet)
  • Profilometry
    • Talysurf 6 linear and rotary stylus
    • Surtronic portable stylus profilometer
    • 3-D white light interferometer profilometer
  • Hardness measurement 
    • Macro 1 to 30 kg load
    • Micro 10 to 1000g load
    • Ultra-low micro-hardness 0.04 to 100 g load
    • Dynamic hardness measurements
  • Stress - Strain Measurement ASTM E8
    • Tensile / compressive rigs with 5, 20 & 50kN load ranges with extensometers
    • Fatigue rigs ASTM D6404-01 with 5, 20 & 50kN load ranges with extensometers
  • Rotating Bending Fatigue 
    • Wohler rotating bending fatigue machine
  • Balances
    • Various, down to accuracy 10 microgram

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