STAWaRS (Source Term Assessment of Water Reactive Substances) is a pool spread and vaporisation model for water reactive chemical spills on land. STAWaRS was developed by ESR Technology for the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE), based upon the recommendations in HSE Research Report RR457.

STAWaRS includes data for the following water reactive substances: acetyl chloride, chlorosulphonic acid, sulphur trioxide/oleum, hydrogen fluoride, phosphorous oxychloride, phosphorus trichloride, silicon tetrachloride and titanium tetrachloride. Substance and chemical reaction properties are stored in a Microsoft Access database, which can be extended to include new water reactive substances.


Published papers:

STAWaRS is owned by HSE and is not currently available for licensing to third parties. ESR Technology has been granted rights to use the software as part of its consultancy services.

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