Industrial and Manufacturing

Machinery is complex, we understand that because over the last five decades we have worked on a vast array of machines We are experts in tribology, the science and engineering of interacting surfaces in relative motion. Or put more simply, we know about friction, wear and lubrication.

So whether you want to improve the reliability of your machine, reduce its maintenance costs or understand why a particular mechanical component degrades or fails, we can help. Our experience extends into many different operating environments and regimes too. From interplanetary space, to nuclear plants, from food processing systems to suspension bridges, we have provided solutions to our customers.

We can combine our expertise in engineering, tribology, materials, non-destructive testing and safety and risk management to solve problems across a wide range of industrial and manufacturing applications. After all, we understand why machinery is complex.

Oil & Gas and Energy Sector

ESR Technology supports the Energy sector predominantly through it services to the Oil & Gas community, but it supports the nuclear and renewable energy industries too.

ESR Technology is one of the UK’s leading safety and risk consultancies, providing essential safety and reliability advice to Oil & Gas plant designers, operators and contractors. We deliver a specialist consultancy service employing state-of-the-art tools, techniques and software, many developed in-house by our internationally recognised experts.

ESR Technology also manages HOIS, a joint industry project aimed at improving non-destructive testing (NDT) for the upstream oil, gas and petroleum industries. HOIS provides independent guidance on the capabilities and effectiveness of different NDT methods for specific demanding applications, based on rigorously controlled blind evaluation trials on test components.

We also offer expert witness and due diligence activities in NDT and materials, in addition to consultancy and test on material behaviour and failure analysis by bringing our rich heritage in tribology to the Energy sector. Examples of this include our work on test rig design, corrosion, fretting and metrology for nuclear applications and wind-turbine bearings and biomass corrosion for the renewable energy market.

As an independent and specialist SME, ESR Technology can offer a combination of the following services to the Oil & Gas and Energy sector:

  • Major Hazard Quantified Risk Assessment
  • Consequence Modelling including CFD
  • HOIS Advanced NDT Joint Industry Project
  • Technical Safety Assessment
  • Fire Engineering and 3D Fire & Gas Mapping
  • Forensic Engineering of Failed Mechanical Assets
  • Mechanical design, assembly and test
  • Expert Witness
  • Industrial Tribology
  • Materials Engineering
  • Training

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