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Our Clients

We engage in innovation partnerships with companies working on land, at sea and in space.



ESR Technology operates the European Space Tribology Laboratory (ESTL) and National Centre of Tribology (NCT), providing expertise in friction, lubrication, wear and material in space and vacuum environments and hostile conditions.

Through these services and their capabilities, they have supported major European space missions for the past four and a half decades, enabling efficient and reliable mechanical systems.

Industrial & Manufacturing

With over five decades of experience in machinery, our NCT team specialise in tribology, delving into the intricacies of friction, wear, and lubrication. Our expertise spans diverse environments, from interplanetary space to nuclear plants, addressing reliability, cost, and component degradation issues.


Leveraging our engineering, tribology, materials, non-destructive testing, and safety knowledge, we offer unique solutions for industrial and manufacturing challenges. We comprehend the complexity of machinery, making us a trusted partner in optimising performance and minimising downtime.

Oil, Gas & Energy

ESR Technology primarily serves the energy sector, including Oil & Gas, nuclear, and renewable energy industries. We are a leading UK safety and risk consultancy, offering specialised guidance with in-house expertise and advanced tools.


We manage HOIS, an industry project enhancing non-destructive testing (NDT). Additionally, we provide expert witness services, material testing, and tribology-based solutions, spanning nuclear applications to renewable energy markets. Our independent SME status enables us to offer a comprehensive range of services to the Oil & Gas and Energy sector.


ESR Technology offers diverse support to the Transport Sector, spanning rail, automotive, marine, and more. Our National Centre of Tribology (NCT) integrates tribology, metallurgy, and testing to extend component lifetime and enhance reliability, particularly in the Rail industry. We excel in assessing remaining component life, root cause failure analysis, and providing design solutions.

Our expertise extends to railways, covering bearings, bogies, brakes, drive transmission, and traction motors, as well as automotive components like valves, dampers, bearings, seals, and springs. Additionally, we provide marine solutions for rolling element and plain bearings, condition monitoring, and bearing alignment. In cases beyond repair or re-design, we offer expert witness services.


ESR Technology provides specialised support to the vacuum sector, addressing the challenges of mechanical operation in vacuum or low-pressure environments. This expertise stems from the European Space Tribology Laboratory (ESTL), which has over four and a half decades of experience supporting the spacecraft mechanism community. This knowledge, combined with the technical prowess of the National Centre of Tribology (NCT), allows ESR Technology to extend its services to terrestrial vacuum applications in medical, semiconductor, industrial, and nuclear sectors, where reliable operation in low-pressure or vacuum environments is crucial.


ESR Technology’s services to the vacuum sector encompass tribometer-based friction and wear studies, independent low-pressure and thermal vacuum testing, lubrication solutions for vacuum environments, design reviews, impartial consultancy on mechanical and tribological operations in low pressure and vacuum environments, and tailored training in vacuum tribology and tribo-components.