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Safety and Risk Management

Design and operate safely.
Manage hazards reliably.
Protect people and facilities, effectively.

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Who we are

We’re a globally-leading engineering, safety and risk consultancy specialising in high-hazard industries and complex environments.

Our people understand your environments, your operations, your hazards, and your priorities. We work closely with owners, operators and designers of major infrastructure and assets, delivering clarity and confidence when it comes to effectively controlling your potential hazards, and their management.

From design to decommissioning, we support the entire lifecycle of assets, to ensure safety and reliability both offshore and onshore –throughout the UK, and the world. Our advice and support help clients to thrive, while protecting people, facilities, and the environment.

Success stories


“The work done by ESR enabled us to proceed with a project which would otherwise not have been viable due to the excessive cost of retrofitting engineered safety measures, proven to be unnecessary by ESR’s work.

The explosion modelling work was integrated well into the QRA. ESR worked hard to meet the deadlines in our program and were flexible with respect to scope. Your senior consultants provided excellent answers to our technical questions. We will certainly use ESR again.”

A screenshot of DRIFT 3


“Thank you ESR for your support. Your ability to perform dense gas dispersion assessment work at short notice and to meet our client’s specification so well were very much appreciated by me and by our client. I look forward to us continuing to work together!”

Flacs CFD Image


“Thank you for your efforts and timely completion of what was requested. I was impressed overall with your input and your ability to grasp what was required.”

Hong Kong International Airport

“We would like to thank ESR Technology for its excellent work on the Hazard to Life Assessment of the Environmental Impact Assessment Report for the Permanent Aviation Fuel Facility at Hong Kong International Airport. Additionally your professionalism, particularly in numerous meetings with community and Government bodies, played a key role in enabling us to successfully obtain an Environmental Permit for this project.”


Our experience

We’re at the forefront of Quantitative Risk Assessment, and have been providing authoritative advice for over 50 years. We understand complex issues, and develop effective tools and techniques with regulators, operators and designers.