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CFD Gas Dispersion and Explosion Analysis

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Helping you gain a deeper understanding of your hazards

ESR Technology offers comprehensive CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) services using FLACS from Gexcon, one of the industry’s premier CFD models.

CFD analysis provides intricate insights essential for explosion, gas dispersion, and ventilation management for new designs or modifications. FLACS’ versatile features and parameters make it suitable for a wide range of applications, including both onshore and offshore facilities.

A screenshot from FLACS CFD Explosion modelling

ESR Technology uses FLACS and post-run analysis to support its clients with the following:

  • Natural Ventilation Analysis – Characterising airflow around key structures e.g. a Helideck, or demonstrating compliance with design safety criteria
  • Gas Dispersion Analysis – Gas dispersion modelling for scenarios of interest and probabilistic analysis for explosion exceedance analysis
  • Smoke Dispersion Analysis – Smoke dispersion modelling to inform escape route impairment and muster arrangements
  • Explosion Exceedance Analysis – Informing blast design decisions using probabilistic explosion exceedance.
  • Explosion Loading Analysis – Providing input to structural design and design optimisation studies including determining Design Accident Loads (DALs).
Flacs CFD Image

Examples of some of our CFD Projects include:

  • Gas Processing Platform CFD Explosion and Dispersion Study – Analysis at EPC phase for flammable, toxic and hot exhaust gases
  •  Offshore Gas Storage Project Dispersion and Explosion Analysis –  Analysis of offshore gas storage platform including CFD dispersion analysis
  •  Wellhead Explosion Analysis – Analysis of three Middle Eastern wellhead platforms
  • Gas Platform Probabilistic Explosion Analysis – North Sea platform at FEED design
  • CFD Modelling for a Large FPSO – Smoke, ventilation and probabilistic explosion analysis for a large FPSO
  •  Smoke, ventilation and probabilistic explosion and dispersion analysis for a high pressure, high temperature light oil North Sea platform
FLACS CFD Result Image