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A series of LPG vessels

GASP (Gas Accumulation over Spreading Pools)

GASP is a pool spread and vaporisation model that has been developed in association with the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

GASP’s capabilities include:

  • A unified model for wind driven vaporisation (evaporation) and boiling
  • Pool spreading over smooth land, rough land and deep water
  • Pool constraints (e.g. bunds)
  • Effects of different ambient conditions such as air temperature, wind speed, humidity and solar flux
  • Two-dimensional time-dependent heat conduction from the ground and convection from the atmosphere

GASP interfaces to ESR Technology’s gas dispersion model DRIFT for prediction of downwind effects.

Screenshot of GASP Software

Why choose GASP?

  • Developed for the UK HSE, the model has undergone extensive verification and validation testing
  • GASP is coded for speed and efficiency, producing reliable results in seconds
  • Features a comprehensive graphical user interface and the ability to batch run multiple input files
  • Highly customisable input and outputs. Includes support for user defined fluids, substrates, result tables and graphs.

Who uses GASP?

We have licensed GASP to a wide variety of organisations since its initial release in the 1990s.  Typical users include:

  • Safety and Risk Consultants
  • Regulators
  • Operators
  • Academic Institutions

Model Validation

GASP has been extensively tested and validated for use by the UK HSE including for liquid hydrogen and LNG releases: