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DELOS is ESR Technology’s Detector Location Optimisation Software used for fire and gas detection mapping. The software allows users to optimise the number and locations of fire and gas detectors within a 3D geometry model, it can then calculate and output coverage statistics for each area of interest.
DELOS makes determining the most effective detector layouts easy. Coverage can often be improved dramatically simply by re-orienting the same number or, in some cases, fewer detectors. This can result in significant cost savings while still achieving high safety standards.

DELOS can be used to review:
• Flame Detection
• Flammable Gas Detection
• Toxic Gas Detection
• Fusible Plugs

Following the first release of DELOS in 2013, it has been successfully used on a wide range of F&G mapping studies from single modules and well head towers up to massive multi-jacket installations and onshore process plants. DELOS has recently undergone a major upgrade to further improve its calculation speed and user interface.

3D and 2D results generation and visualisation

Quickly review your F&G detector coverage using intuitive visualisations in both 2D and 3D. Results can be displayed using 2D contours plots or with 3D iso-surfaces (3D contours). Users can also obtain detailed coverage statistics over defined areas or volumes for comparison against target coverage values.

Identify Poor Coverage Areas

Areas or volumes with zero detector coverage are easy to identify. It’s also possible to determine the largest single volume with no coverage and its location, making it simple to optimise detector locations.

2D plane projection of detector coverage and obstructions

For many projects, the detector coverage at a particular height is of importance. This may be due to the specifications of a particular standard, or the physical properties of the material which may be released. DELOS allows the projection of detector coverage along a 2D plane with multicoloured shading to easily identify areas with zero coverage, single detector coverage and multiple detector coverage.

An image from DELOS F&G mapping software

Live detector view rendering in 3D

With DELOS, there is no need to constantly adjust and run the model to determine the best location for a detector. With live 3D rendering of the obstructed detector view, you can evaluate a detector layout in real time.