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Safety and Risk Consultancy

Managing Risk During The Energy Transition

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Energy Transition

Applying tried and tested techniques to new technologies

The ongoing energy transition is driving the emergence of various cutting-edge technologies and applications in the energy sector. These encompass the generation and transportation of hydrogen (blue hydrogen and green hydrogen), carbon capture and storage (CCUS), the growing adoption of biofuels and synthetic fuels, battery manufacturing and harnessing wind and wave power.

These newer technologies and approaches can present significant opportunities but also present potential safety, environmental and reputational risks which need to be identified, understood and managed.

ESR Technology, building on our 40-year heritage of major hazards risk assessment, can help you to identify and manage risks associated with these new technologies and ensure that operational risks remain ALARP.

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Why Choose ESR?

We are increasingly carrying out studies relevant to emerging technologies, leveraging tried and tested techniques, including:

  • Process Hazard Analysis and Quantified risk assessments (QRA) for CO2 sequestration projects
  • Quantified Risk Assessments (QRA) for Hydrogen production facilities.
  • Consequence assessments for hydrogen releases
  • Syngas production facilities risk assessments
  • COMAH Safety Reports for gas storage installations
  • Risk assessments for biofuel facilities
  • Safety assessments for Lithium-Ion battery systems
  • Safety assessments for Electrolyser systems.
  • Waste to power plant assessments

Our NCT team also carries out bearing studies for Wind Turbines, support to nuclear power plant operators and tribology support to fusion research facilities.