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Safety and Risk Consultancy

Managing Risks During Decommissioning

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Helping operators to safely undertake decommissioning

In the past decade, decommissioning has become an increasingly routine aspect of operations for many operators. This poses significant challenges, particularly in maintaining safety and environmental standards on evolving installations.

Utilising our 40-year experience in major hazards risk assessment within the offshore energy sector, we can assist you in identifying and mitigating the major hazard risk associated with decommissioning, ensuring that risks remain As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP).

We support operators through the complex task of decommissioning in the following areas:

  • Safety Case Preparation
  • ALARP Demonstration at all stages
  • Plugging and Abandonment (P&A) Risk Assessments
  • Safety Input to Decommissioning Programmes
  • SECE Rationalisation and Performance Standard Updates
  • Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPs) Workshops
  • Combined Operations (COMOPs) Notifications & Bridging Documents
  • HAZID & ENVID Workshops
  • MAH Risk Assessment (QRA, FERA, TR Impairment, Ship Collisions etc.)
  • Dropped Object Risk Assessment
  • Escape and Evacuation Assessments (EERA)
  • PFEER Compliance
  • Environmental Risk Assessments