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TORCH 3D image

Jet Fire Modelling


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TORCH 3D is ESR Technology’s impacted and shielded jet fire consequence model. The software allows users to model the effects of a jet fire within a 3D geometry without the long runtimes of CFD calculations. The flame shape is adjusted for large obstructions with thermal radiation calculations taking account of the shielding effects of 3D geometries. TORCH 3D is designed to be easy to use with intuitive results available in a matter of minutes.

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Screenshot from TORCH 3D

Impinged Flame Model

Real time representation of flame shape helps identify where flame impingement can occur

Torch 3D flame shape

View results in 3D

Calculate thermal radiation levels on escape routes and at muster points whilst accounting for shielding by walls, decks and other large obstacles in a single calculation

TORCH 3D jet fire example

Thermal Shielding Calculations

Compare the effects of shielding to better understand hazards in both 3D and 2D

Example of thermal shielding in TORCH 3D

Import Existing Geometry Files

Import a range of common 3D geometry file types including DGN (V7), OBJ and STL

DGN import example