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Fire and Gas Detector Mapping

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Fire and Gas Mapping Studies

Optimise Detectors Locations to Improve Performance

For any facility handling flammable materials, fast and reliable detection of gas releases and fires is a crucial aspect of ensuring plant safety. We are experts in performing F&G mapping studies, so much so that we have developed our own software tool, DELOS, that enables us to perform efficient and effective evaluation and improvement of fire and gas detection systems.

Maximise the performance of detectors

Our team, using DELOS, can quickly and efficiently determine the most effective detector layouts for a facility. Our analysis often shows that the planned or existing detection coverage can be increased dramatically, simply by optimising the same number or fewer detectors. This provides an opportunity to make cost savings while maintaining high safety standards.

A screenshot for DELOS F&G mapping software

Assess multiple detector types

Our team is able to analyse the following detector types:

  • Field of View (FOV) detectors
  • Open Path (Line of Sight) detectors
  • Point detectors
  • Fusible Plugs

Cross Sector Experience

In addition to the Oil and Gas sector, DELOS can be used to assess and optimise detectors in other applications such as hydrogen electrolysers, aircraft hangers, energy from waste plants, power plants, industrial gas turbines, nuclear plants, printing, and agriculture.

Hydrogen facility