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Cumulative Operational Risk Assessment


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The Decision Support Tool

Bring your Safety Case to life and help support day to day decision making.

The Safety Case and QRA set out the basis for safety, but they take an idealised view based on an ‘averaged’ or ‘100% ok’ assessment of the hazard management process.

Such an approach is fine when demonstrating that the installation is fit for purpose overall, but it does not reflect how the risks change with changing circumstances.
In reality, things are in near constant flux:
• Safeguards may develop faults or be down for maintenance
• Different activities may be taking place on the installation
• Organisation and resourcing/ logistics may change

Although we assess and plan our activities carefully, we need to understand how the risks are changing, what the risk drivers are and ensure that risks remain As Low As Reasonably Practicable – ALARP.

How do we know if the cumulative risks are unacceptable?  We need a mechanism to alert us to this so we can stop the high risk activity or implement additional measures to bring risks back to ALARP.

The challenge is to turn a static Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) in the Safety Case into a dynamic tool that can inform real world decisions based on an installations operational status at a given point in time.
The solution – CORAM – a framework to assess the range of changes and situations that can affect risks on a day to day basis.

Web based platform – Fully Flexible, dynamic, configurable and accessible from any location

CORAM is highly flexible and provides a complete picture of operational risks.  It is able to assess:

  • Inherent risks based on the QRA base-case and any deviations from this due to SIMOPs or other additional activities
  • Status of the Safety and Environmentally Critical Elements (SECEs) and the interdependencies between them
  • How Organisational aspects such as crew competence, resourcing levels etc. are being managed and how they could influence HSE performance
  • How wider aspects, e.g. Weather, affect the effectiveness of SECEs, Hazard management, etc.

CORAM is built upon a powerful and flexible web-based platform that employs the latest web technologies to bring risk information instantaneously to the user.

• Decision support tool for the OIM
• What if? analysis
• Uses existing data and KPIs
• Traffic light output via dashboard using gauges
• Risk comparison across multiple assets
• Trend analysis against base level (average) risks over time
• Visualisation of complex data in an informative and meaningful manner
• Fully customisable to any installation
• Access to risk data from anywhere in the world
• Customisable user access levels
• Robust security with automatic platform security updates