ESR Technology recognises employee achievements

ESR Technology is an organisation founded on technical excellence that is benefits greatly from a high committed and creative workforce.  Since joining the Hyder Consulting group in June 2011, ESR has gained access to some new ways to reward employees who go the extra mile.

The first of these is known as ‘Cheers Mate!’, and involves employees nominating colleagues who have gone beyond the expected to help out in some particular way. This might be to do with finding a novel way to solve a problem, working outside of normal office hours or simply providing moral support and encouragement in challenging times. All nominations are included in a monthly draw, with those drawn first, second and third receiving a token financial reward.

Another reward scheme operates to encourage publication in recognised journals or presented at external seminars / conferences. Much of the work that ESR Technology does is novel, and a number of staff have already received a £200 bounty for publication of their papers. A sample of papers follows:

• Case study: Failure of a high nitrogen stainless steel femoral stem – P. Roffey (ESR), Journal of Engineering Failure Analysis
• A fracture mechanics interpretation of rolling bearing fatigue – Mike Lewis (ESR), Brian Tomkins, Journal of Engineering Tribology
• Modern Self-Lubricating Composites for Space Applications: PGM-HT & Sintimid 15M - M. Buttery, B. Wardzinski, K. Houton (ESTL)
• Design and Development of the EarthCARE Broadband Radiometer Mechanism Assembly - G. Munro, M. Hampson, S. Lewis (ESTL); M. Humphries (SpaceMech)
• Investigation of an Anomalous Failure of Bearing on a Fan within the Columbus Module of the ISS - G. Parzianello (ESA); M. Schmid (Astrium); E. Roberts (ESTL); O. Duforet (Soterem).

ESR Technology Managing Director Simon Randall commented:

The staff at ESR Technology are a fantastic bunch, and many of them routinely go the extra mile to help each other out and ensure that client expectations are met. I am really proud of their achievements, and it gives me great pleasure to recognise those staff who go the extra mile. We already have a discretionary bonus scheme that can additionally be used to recognise outperformance in sales or project delivery, and will shortly formalise this with the introduction of a new Project Management bonus scheme”.

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