Hazards 31

Technical Paper on “Comparisons of the Predictions on the dispersion model DRIFT with the data for Hydrogen, Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide” to be presented at Hazards 31 Virtual Conference

The increased interest and use of decarbonisation technologies highlights the importance of establishing the validity of existing consequence tools traditionally used for hydrocarbon and chemical hazards when applied to these new technologies.

DRIFT is an integral model developed by ESR Technology for predicting the dispersion of gaseous and two-phase releases in the atmosphere. The technical paper presents the results of new validation studies comparing DRIFT predictions with previously published dispersion data for hydrogen, ammonia (FLADIS) and carbon dioxide (CO2PIPETRANS). Key aspects differing from previous DRIFT validation are:

  • Hydrogen – application at lower molecular weight and higher pressure
  • Ammonia – interaction of ammonia with condensed water and the effects on aerosol composition and cloud behaviour
  • Carbon dioxide – inclusion of the thermodynamic effects of dry ice sublimation

For further information please contact Terry Atkinson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit https://www.icheme.org/career/events/hazards-31

Hazards 31

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