ESTL presents training courses and AMS papers in the USA

ESTL’s Simon Lewis and Mike Buttery have been very busy in the USA over the last two weeks, providing two Space Tribology training courses at different venues, and presenting two papers at the bi-annual Aerospace Mechanisms Symposium (AMS).

IMG 0120

The fortnight kicked off in Cleveland, Ohio with the first Space Tribology training course, presented to around 15 delegates on the two days immediately before the AMS. At the AMS itself, both Simon and Mike presented at the event. Simon presented a paper on Accelerated Testing of Tribological Components and Mike on Hybrid Lubrication. Both papers were very well received and were voted as the best European papers given at the conference.

Then it was on to Greenbelt, near Washington, to present the second training course to NASA at it’s Goddard Space Flight Centre. This course was given to around 30 NASA staff, and was particularly pleasing because of the importance and prestigious nature of this major space facility.

This highly successful two-week tour, with two specialist training courses given and two important papers presented, extends ESTL’s reputation for technical excellence in the field of space tribology. We are already recognised as Europe’s experts in this specialist field, which is now enhanced in NASA and the USA as well.

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