Competence management support for ROSCO

Rolling stock leasing companies (ROSCOs) occupy a unique place within the railway industry. Whilst having no “front-line” operational role, their activities have the potential to impact upon railway safety.

Our client ROSCO has earned an excellent reputation in being pro-active in managing safety. They have taken measures such as implementing their own Safety Case despite no statutory requirement to have one.

The extent of the technical development and support activities, coupled with an active graduate recruitment and development programme, emphasised the need for a demonstrably competent staff resource. ESR Technology was chosen to review the requirements of new Railway Group Standards documents in the context of its existing management systems.

The findings of the review included a proposed development strategy and ESR Technology was contracted to help implement this. Human Factors expertise was employed to ensure that full consultation with, and involvement of staff, was a key part of the development process. A working group was set up, consisting of representatives of each functional group such as Development Engineers and Fleet Engineers, which was chaired by the Independent Safety Advisor with ESR Technology’s r Project Team as members.

The result of the development work was that each role has defined competence standards and the individuals within the role are assessed against the specific competence requirements. This enables any subsequent development activities to be more accurately focused. Competence profiles were also developed for each functional group, mainly as an aid to recruitment.

This approach was trialled with one group where it was enthusiastically received, and it was subsequently rolled out to all remaining groups.

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