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Forensic Engineering Investigation

Diagnose chains of causation for failures . Improve designs, and optimise operation or maintenance for asset life.

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Forensic Engineering Services

Our laboratory has a 50-year track record of successful tribological and materials-related root cause failure investigations for clients in many industrial sectors.

Our Support

ESR’s team of experts offers practical and independent engineering support to designers, manufacturers, and operators of plant and machinery. Our  deep understanding of diverse mechanical failures, materials engineering and metallurgy enables us to understand our clients’ problems, substantiate failure causation and provide pragmatic solutions.

Our comprehensive forensic engineering services may include:

  • Metallurgy: Microstructural examination of materials often provides indications of service life,  material quality and failure initiation. Our experts are equipped for retrieval of failed samples from site or we receipt and storage of large components within our holding facility.
  • Root cause failure analysis: Various tools and techniques are used to assess root cause, including visual inspection, metallography, fractography, chemical analysis and metrology.
  • Bearing services: We offer a wide range of bearing services, including selection, inspection, life extension, and failure analysis.
  • Metrology and measurement: We confirm as-built assembly precision, alignment, loading and wear via various precision measurement techniques to measure components and characterise surfaces.
  • Expert witness services: We provide expert witness services in cases involving engineering failures.

Our Work

We help clients with diverse failure investigative needs, including, for example:

  • External and internal corrosion of industrial components, pressure vessel and other assets
  • Thermal degradation and high temperature assessment
  • Bearing failures in cruise ships, aircraft, trains and industrial machines of many kinds
  • Pumps
  • Valves and pipework
  • Rotating shafts
  • Heat exchangers
  • Fasteners
  • Downhole tools
  • Impellor erosion

  • Bearing corrosion

  • Pipe damage

  • Rail systems

  • Engine

  • On Site Inspection