The NCT laboratories have been involved in tribological testing for 50 years. We continue to specialise in testing material and lubricant combinations for their suitability in different industrial applications, from downhole drilling operations to nuclear reactors.

Tests can also be carried out in various contact configurations to address specific test requirements. Most of our rigs have been modified to adapt them to meet customers’ specific requirements.

NCT has a strong background in designing and building custom test rigs when required. Testing has been carried out at temperature ranges ranging from -50C to 700C depending on the application and with components subjected to load spectra and motion profiles that represent service duty, made possible by our digital hydraulic controllers.

Customers often ask us to evaluate test pieces taken from production parts, to establish or validate current or proposed material treatments. These are all factors we can take into consideration when coming up with an effective test plan.

We invite you to take advantage of the unique combination of skills and friction-wear testing facilities at NCT to supplement your research and development activities.

Some of our capabilities include:

  • Friction & Wear testing
  • Lubricant testing
  • Materials testing
  • Bespoke rig design and build
  • Digital hydraulic actuation and control
  • Custom load application
  • Custom temperature application

Our Approach

“To gain a sound understanding of what our customers want to achieve. It is a crucial part of the challenge for us to ensure that we are using or developing the right testing techniques that fit our customers’ requirement and that it will deliver something useful”.

Test Facilities Two Axis Impact Rig


Dr Hugues Renondeau

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