Bearing Services

The National Centre of Tribology (NCT) has 50 years of experience working with bearings. Our portfolio includes bearing design, condition monitoring, failure analysis, diagnosis and life assessment.

All rotating or sliding machines run on bearings. Our tribological expertise provides an understanding of issues with friction, wear and lubrication, combined with an engineering understanding of the industrial application and operating environment.

We have experience with all bearing types from oil or grease lubricated rolling element bearings to un-lubricated dry bearings.

Our bearing service provides independent reporting on all aspects of bearing performance, including:

  • Bearing failure analysis
  • Design audit of existing, proposed or up-rated machines
  • Bearing condition surveys & service life extension
  • Statistical modelling
  • Sealing technology
  • Lubricant analysis

Our aim is to safely maximise bearing life and optimise performance of the bearing system.

Bearing Services Fatigue

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