Metrology & Measurement

The National Centre of Tribology (NCT) provides practical materials engineering support to designers, manufacturers and operators of plant and machinery industry wide.

The importance of build accuracy, manufacturing tolerances, alignment, surface finish and reduction of stress concentrations are all critical to machine reliability. When components fail in service, it is often a requirement to understand using metrology, if the component was built to specification. 

To provide the necessary detail for design audits, failure investigations, product comparisons and reverse engineering, we have the following in-house equipment:

  • White light interferometer: Non-contacting 2D and 3D surface profilometry with powerful analysis package
  • Laser alignment: Measure alignment during assembly to protect bearings and reduce vibration
  • Co-ordinate Measuring Machine: Accurate measurement in a clean room environment to understand dimensions, fits and toelrances
  • Hand tooling: A selection of digital tooling including micrometers, height gauges and LVDT's, as well as analogue Vernier calipers and bore gauges

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