Root Cause Failure Analysis

The National Centre of Tribology (NCT) has been providing Forensic Engineering services for 50 years; identifying the root cause of mechanical failures and working closely with clients to understand their problems and provide realistic solutions. 

Typical examples of NCT investigations include:

  • Corrosion issues (CUI, SCC, SSC and hydrogen embrittlement) 
  • Thermal degradation & high temperature creep
  • Weld, solder and braze integrity assessment
  • Bearing failure Assessment
  • Pumps, valves, pipework, shafts, heat exchanger and fastener failure investigations
  • Downhole tool R&D
  • X-ray radiography
  • Paint degradation assessment
  • Cavitation, erosion and wear related problems
  • Vibration monitoring and NDT assessment
  • Engineering design review


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