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Your future with us

Working together, we will
exceed your expectations.

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Your future with us

We support technology innovation, achieving more efficient and effective operations, always adapting to meet client targets.

We work closely with partners and clients, exploring new ways to integrate emerging technologies, materials, to make significant advancements while minimising risks through best practices and lessons learned.

The projects and ground-breaking mechanism solutions we develop together will place you at the leading edge.

Photo at left shows the first batch of redesigned piezo motors ready for evaluation, developed in collaboration with Cedrat (funded by an ESA development contract).   The contract implements an improved mechanical configuration while evaluating a significantly different tribological (ESTL leading) approach, aiming to extend the temperature range and lifetime of COTS rotary piezo actuators.

Achieving sustainability in space

ESR Space tracks technological and regulatory trends to stay ahead

We’ll apply our experience, understanding of technological trends and insight to deliver viable designs, enabling you to capitalise on emerging opportunities.

From design and manufacturing, to testing and delivery; we can extend product lifecycles, while improving performance and sustainability.


Who we work with

Our partners and suppliers have amazing teams of engineers & technologists, working across the space industry. Together we enable ambitious targets to be met for Earth observation, telecoms, commercial space and exploration missions.

ESR Space partners include government, academic and private companies, embracing the toughest mission requirements.

Through collaboration, we create smarter mechanical designs – optimising effectiveness while increasing asset integrity.