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ESR Space

Mechanism Assembly & Verification

Build-to-Print Mechanism Assembly

Optimised Production to Suit your Needs

Our clients entrust us to assemble their most critical subsystems.  ESR Space have consistently produced reaction wheels and SADM mechanisms for more than 2 decades.  Our skilled assembly technicians have extensive experience in assembly of mechanisms, working in a controlled environment to the highest quality standards.

We procure and build hardware, adding value to the client’s designs through continuous improvement of controlled procedures.  ESR can develop and produce new designs jointly with the client. We pride ourselves in working collaboratively with clients to optimise the production process and meet specific requirements and budgets, without compromising quality.

Our facilities and processes ensure that we supply controlled hardware to clients, for a range of production volumes.  Assembly facilities include an ISO7 cleanroom and ISO5 laminar flow benches with reconfigurable laboratory areas.  We monitor quality and performance to schedule, with rigorously controlled cleaning and inspection processes, all guided by our AS/EN9100:2018 accredited Quality system.

ESR Space – Verification

Test Rig Development & Flight Product Verification

ESR Space routinely characterises the performance critical mechanisms for clients, such as for many reaction wheel and SADM mechanisms.  We build test facilities specifically to meet the needs of our clients (refer to Airbus Case study) and adapt rigs to meet production schedule of our clients.

Our skilled test technicians have many years of experience in testing of mechanisms, testing over a range of temperatures from cryogenic temperatures to over 300°C.

We perform testing in a controlled manner within our ISO7 cleanroom with a wide range of vacuum rated motors, telemetry, torque/force sensors and heat exchangers available.