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HOIS Test Facility

HOIS Test Facility

The HOIS trial and sample storage facility houses many ex-service components and also samples with realistic manufactured flaws. Degradation mechanisms include weld root corrosion, flange face corrosion, external corrosion scabs, corrosion and erosion in heat exchanger tubes and SCC.

Several rigorously controlled blind trials of inspection techniques have been performed on these samples, hosted by ESR Technology, primarily for the HOIS projects on inspection of external corrosion, corrosion under insulation, trunnions, external pitting and SCC in uncoated stainless steel components.

HOIS members may also commission ESR Technology to host technique validation and inspector competence verification trials outside of HOIS, using this facility. Non-HOIS members may also access the samples, with member agreement, and payment of a small access fee to HOIS.

HOIS has two ex-service pressure vessels with in-service degradation available for trials. These are located at ESR Warrington.