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Freely publicly available publications produced with support from NZTC

Four HOIS documents, produced with support from the NZTC (formerly known as OGTC), are freely publicly available from either the BINDT online store or may be directly downloaded from this site by completing the form below:

  • HOIS/NZTC Guidance for in-situ inspection of corrosion under insulation (CUI), HOIS-G-023, 2023
  • HOIS/NZTC Guidance on inspection of uninsulated external corrosion scabs, HOIS-G-028, Issue 2, 2022
  • HOIS/OGTC Guidance for trunnion pipe support management and inspection, HOIS-G-033, 2020
  • HOIS/OGTC Guidance notes for HOIS-RP-103, HOIS-G-103, 2020

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HOIS members have approved the open publication of several HOIS guidance documents, although the detailed trial reports which led to the development of these industry guidance documents remain confidential to members.

Year Published Title Author Price Link
2021 Digitalisation of Inspection: HOIS guidance on information flow – HOIS-G-041 Issue 1 P M Conder, M Stone and M Wall £150.00 Download
2019 HOIS General guidance on mitigation of human factors on reliability of offshore and onshore inspections (HF-NDT) – HOIS-G-019 M Wall £0.00 Download
2012 HOIS Good Practice Guide on ISI of Offshore Composite Components – HOIS GP1 Issue 2 M Wall and R J Lee £50.00 Download
2018 HOIS Guidance for More Effective Pipework Inspection – HOIS-G-010 Issue 1 P M Conder and M Stone £100.00 Download
2023 HOIS Guidance for ultrasonic NII at elevated temperatures – HOIS-G-054 Issue 1 S F Burch £150.00 Download
2021 HOIS Guidance notes on 3D mini-digital twins – HOIS-G-042 Issue 1 S Osbeck, M Stone and M Wall £150.00 Download
2022 HOIS Guidance on end-to-end digitalisation of inspection and monitoring – HOIS-G-051 Issue 1 P M Conder £150.00 Download
2018 HOIS Guidance on Image Quality for UAV/UAS-based External RVI in the Oil and Gas Industry – HOIS-G-005 Issue 1 S F Burch £100.00 Download
2014 HOIS Guidance on In-Service Inspection and Integrity Management of Caissons – HOIS(13)R6 Issue 2 R J Lee and S F Burch £50.00 Download
2020 HOIS Guidance on inspection of composite repairs – HOIS-G-027 Issue 1 H R Peramatzis £100.00 Download
2020 HOIS Guidance on NII of clad vessels – HOIS-G-026 Issue 1 M Wall, H Peramatzis and M Stone £100.00 Download
2019 HOIS Human factors (HF-NDT) guidance on IVI reporting protocol and proforma for pressure vessels – HOIS-G-022 M Wall £0.00 Download
2019 HOIS Human factors guidance (HF-NDT) for manual UT for internal corrosion and wall-thickness loss – HOIS-G-008 M Wall £0.00 Download
2019 HOIS Human factors guidance (HF-NDT) for visual inspection for external corrosion – HOIS-G-007 M Wall £0.00 Download
2020 HOIS Recommended Practice for Non-Intrusive Inspection of Pressure Vessels – HOIS-RP-103 M Stone, K McDonald, S Osbeck, S Burch and H Peramatzis £100.00 Download
2013 HOIS Recommended Practice for Statistical Analysis of Inspection Data – HOIS(12)R8 Issue 1 M Stone £100.00 Download
2012 HOIS Recommended Practice for the Non-Destructive Inspection of Weld Corrosion – HOIS RP2 Issue 2 S F Burch and N J Collett £50.00 Download
2023 HOIS/NZTC Guidance for In-Situ Inspection of Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) – HOIS-G-023 Issue 3 M Jones and S F Burch £0.00 Download
2022 HOIS/NZTC Guidance on Inspection of Uninsulated External Corrosion Scabs – HOIS-G-028 Issue 2 M Jones and S F Burch £0.00 Download
2020 HOIS/OGTC Guidance for Trunnion Pipe Support Management and Inspection – HOIS-G-033 Issue 1 H Peramatzis £0.00 Download
2020 HOIS/OGTC Guidance Notes for HOIS-RP-103 – HOIS-G-103 S Osbeck and M Stone £0.00 Download
2015 Recommended Practice for ISI of Wall Loss in Pipes by Digital Radiography – HOIS RP1 Issue 3.1 S F Burch £50.00 Download