The total annual budget (raised through member subscription fees) for the HOIS JIP is now ~£800k. The programme is entirely determined by the membership, at three 2 day meetings per year, ensuring that HOIS projects remain aligned with industry priorities.
The membership fees represent excellent value for money. The current pricing structure and number of members means that each operator’s subscription fee is only 1/25th of the total budget. And each inspection service provider or equipment vendor’s subscription fee represents only 1/70th of the total budget.
Membership of the leading forum on in-service NDT in the energy industry allows:

  • Access to results from the ~£800k annual programme of work.
  • Access to improved procedures and recommended practice documents on technique selection and application.
  • Assessment of the capbility of existing and developmental inspection technologies from independent, rigorously controlled blind trials.
  • Better understanding of and increased reliability of inspection.
  • HSE active involvement - allows an insight into HSE priorities.
  • Opportunity to exploit equipment and techniques developed within the HOIS programme.
  • Excellent networking opportunities with leading professionals in this field, access to vast experience and knowledge base.

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