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22 HOIS Digitalisation Forum

11th March 2024


22nd HOIS Digitalisation Forum

Digitalisation of inspection, NDE and integrity management in the energy sector (including NDE 4.0)

Digital twins, data processes, AI/ML and integrity management

  • HDF22-1 Introduction, Ikesh Patel (Shell)
  • HDF 22-2 10 key learnings on building and operating digital solutions, Kjell Eriksson (DVV)
  • HDF 22-3 NDE 4.0 for CT inspection in the context of laser metal deposition – plus an update on BINDT and DGZfP NDE 4.0 activities, Nick Brierley (Diondo)
  • HDF 22-4 – Autonomous validation of digital radiographs, Michael Chen, (DNV)



Past HOIS Digitalisation Forums recordings can be found on HOIS YouTube Channel.