Independent Safety Assessor

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Independent safety assessment is increasingly being used to provide assurance that the level of safety needed will actually be achieved.

Some standards require or recommend the use of an Independent Safety Assessor (ISA), depending on the level of risk involved. Examples include the UK defence standard Def Stan 00-56 (where the ISA is called Independent Safety Auditor) and the functional safety standard IEC 61508 (where the ISA is called Functional Safety Assessor). Sometimes, use of an ISA is a means of giving management or a regulator confidence in the level of safety that will be achieved.

We offer ISA services in all of our technical areas. Our expertise and experience includes complex, managed systems where safety depends on a combination of technical (hardware and software), human and organisational factors.

Our approach to independent safety assessment is:

  • Focus on SAFETY
  • Demonstrably independent safety judgements and opinions
  • Reach agreement with the client where appropriate but “agree to disagree” when necessary
  • Work to an agreed programme that complements the client’s project
  • Have the attitude of a ‘Critical Friend’, be supportive where possible
  • Give general advice if asked, provided it cannot compromise independence
  • Be interactive and open, our policy is ‘no surprises’ where possible

We support the work of the IET/BCS ISA Working Group in promoting professionalism in independent safety assessment. One of our consultants was a lead author of the “Code of Practice for Independent Safety Assessors (ISAs)” issued by the Working Group.

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