Data Centre Building Services Assurance


Data centre service providers and businesses generally are increasingly reliant on their IT and telecommunications infrastructure, which has to be capable of continuous operation (24x7). The volume of data being processed has led to smaller, faster computers and servers maximising the utilisation of available space. But this performance increase comes at a cost; energy consumption and heat production per square metre are increasing. When minutes of downtime can affect business performance it is crucial that a building’s infrastructure is fully capable of supporting its business critical systems.

Building Services Assurance

Our team can help in the design of new building services and evaluate the integrity of existing services such as power and cooling. We are experienced in working with clients who demand ultra-high integrity building services across a range of industries. In association with Building Services design consultants we offer cross-industry experience to ensure that high integrity business objectives are achieved.

Our Services Include:

  • Integrity Assessment: Assessment of the integrity and performance of new and existing systems through Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) modelling.
  • Required Integrity: Identification of optimal level of integrity required to assure business continuity.
  • Design Optimisation: Working with customers to deliver a meaningful comparison of Building Services integrity and performance in option studies.
  • Options Studies: Working with the Building Services designers to develop requirements and undertake assurance analysis for a range of design options.
  • Requirements Specification: Definition of the requirements for system testing and design assurance.
  • Design Assurance: Preparation and review of integrity assurance documentation.

We have a wealth of experience working in many industrial sectors which we use to provide optimal solutions to all our clients. Our independence means that we are not tied to one technology or equipment manufacturer.

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