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ESR Technology to be a Silver Sponsor of HAZARDS 34 Conference 

8th April 2024

ESR Technology is happy to share that we will be Silver Sponsors again for the  HAZARDS 34 Conference due to be hosted in Manchester between 5-7 November 2024.

Hazards is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading process safety conferences and is the biggest event in the UK for major hazard safety. The conference provides excellent opportunities for networking and connecting with various other industry professionals, as well as renewing focus on good process safety practices. As in previous years, Hazards intends to share valuable knowledge and practical insight across a large aspect of safety to support attendees and advance their understanding of managing major hazards.  

The conference will focus on several themes that run over the 3 days: 

Managing Hazards – the conference will delve into identifying and embedding good practices in major hazard management. 

Executive Leadership – Discussions will explore the role of executive leadership in managing major hazards. 

New Technologies – Participants will learn about the challenges and hazard implications of innovative technologies and applications. 

Cross-industry Learning – Opportunities for sharing and learning across industries and sectors will be emphasised. 

The conference will feature many practical examples of good practice and lessons learned that attendees can then apply to their work and organisations. It will also address the new major hazard implications related to climate change, decarbonisation, energy transition, and digitalisation. Hazards 34 offers technical presentations, plenary sessions, Q&A discussions, and on-demand access to presentations after the event.  

ESR Technology is committed to advancing process safety. As a Silver Sponsor, we look forward to contributing to meaningful discussions, sharing our expertise, and supporting the safety community. We look forward to seeing colleagues old and new at Hazards 34. 

For registration and conference details, visit the Hazards 34 website. Or for more information and enquires visit