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ESR Technology’s Safety and Risk Management Team Re-join Industry Group FABIG

19th March 2024

ESR Technology is happy to announce the re-joining of its Safety and Risk Management team with the industry group FABIG (Fire and Blast Information Group). This strategic move signifies a renewed commitment to safety, collaboration, and knowledge sharing within the field of fire and explosion hazards.

FABIG is a membership organisation that enables the sharing and distribution of knowledge and best practices on design against hydrocarbon fires and explosions and related safety aspects. The group aims to be the globally recognised centre of excellence for sharing technical knowledge and practical guidance on fire and hazard explosions. Increasingly FABIG is getting involved in a range of technical challenges associated with Energy Transition projects, including the modelling of Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide.

Our Safety and Risk Management team consists of engineers and specialists who focus on mitigating risks associated with hazardous events. Our expertise spans various domains, including process safety, risk assessment, and consequence modelling. By re-joining FABIG, we aim to contribute a wealth of knowledge and collaborate with other industry leaders to address critical safety challenges.

Being a member of FABIG allows the team to be a part of a network of leading industry experts and researchers dealing with a wide variety of current technical challenges and ongoing research. Our engineers can actively participate in research projects related to fire and explosion safety and their insights can drive innovation and lead to practical solutions that benefit the entire industry. The group also provides excellent training opportunities and provides access to the latest developments in fire and explosion engineering. In addition to this, FABIG offers a forum for discussion with industry peers, therefore creating a stronger knowledge base for our engineers as well as allowing for invaluable networking opportunities.

The membership of the group consists of energy companies, consultancies, regulators, contractors, verification and certification organisations, manufacturers, and universities. The vertically integrated membership of FABIG ensures that our Safety and Risk team will have access to support with technical issues that are approached from different perspectives leading to richer discussions and outputs that are both sound and practical. It also allows our company and brand to be seen by a wider audience and potential clients.

ESR Technology’s commitment to safety aligns perfectly with FABIG’s mission. By re-joining this industry group, we want to demonstrate a future-focused approach—one that prioritises collaboration, knowledge exchange, and ultimately, safer practices.

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