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ESR Technology’s Safety and Risk Management Team Releases DRIFT Software Tutorial Video 

27th March 2024

ESR Technology’s Safety and Risk Management Team are happy to share the release of our new tutorial video of our software that features cutting-edge gas dispersion modelling, called DRIFT. 

DRIFT (Dispersion of Releases Involving Flammables or Toxics) is a cutting-edge gas dispersion model developed in collaboration with the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Its primary purpose is to model the extent of accidental releases of hazardous fluids. 

DRIFT enables organisations to assess the consequences of accidental releases involving toxic or flammable substances. By considering factors such as wind speed, terrain, and fluid properties, it provides accurate predictions of dispersion patterns. The UK HSE relies on DRIFT for conducting its own gas dispersion assessments related to major accident hazards and it therefore supports evidence-based decision-making. 

Our Safety and Risk Management Team have put together a short tutorial video that provides an introduction to the software, how to navigate the interface, perform gas dispersion modelling and explore the results.  

Our development of DRIFT exemplifies our commitment to safety innovation and provides experts with a robust tool for assessing hazardous releases and improving emergency preparedness.  

In addition, DRIFT equips safety engineers and risk consultants with the insights needed to make informed decisions.  

Click here to watch the DRIFT Tutorial Video. 

For more information about DRIFT , please contact us at or head to our DRIFT page on our website.