Impact Assessment for hazardous waste facility in the Middle East

A national oil and gas company in the Middle East needed a new hazardous waste handling facility to deal with a wide range of waste generated from its onshore and offshore operations. As part of their asset development process, health, safety, and environmental impact assessments (HSEIAs) were required at critical phases of the project. ESR Technology was contracted to carry out the HSEIA at the FEED phase of the project.

The scope of the impact assessment included the project activities during the design, construction, commissioning, operation and decommissioning of the facility. The assessment included data gathering surveys to establish current conditions at the existing company waste facility and at a new location where the new facility could be sited.

Data was collected regarding: local populations and land use; industrial and commercial activities; ecological habitats including flora and fauna; geological and seismic features and hydrogeological conditions; natural resources; archaeological findings, fossils and cultural artefacts.

The data was initially used to assess the viabilities of the two possible facility locations and was then used as the baseline for the chosen site. Impacts from the new facility regarding air emissions, groundwater, and noise were modelled and the assessment provided recommendations to address identified HSE issues. An environmental monitoring programme for the construction and operational life of the facility was developed.

The HSEIA report provided the client with a clear understanding of the potential benefits and undesirable impacts associated with each of the sites, enabling them to make a valued judgement on which location to proceed with. The report also set out high level requirements for establishing an appropriate system for managing health, safety and environmental issues throughout the life of the asset.

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